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What are the benefits of ice bath?

  • Ice bath post-workout can be very beneficial for those athletes who involves in high intensity training, or need a faster recovery for the next training session. Ice bath reduces inflammations and flushes waste from the muscles giving you a faster recovery time.

    Some of the top pro-athletes like Usain Bolt, and Yohan Blake uses Ice bath post-workout and between invents, if it works for them, most likely, it will do some good for you. You don’t need to ice-bath for more than 20 minutes; more than 20 minutes and the body will go into hyperthermia defense and send excessive blood to warm the area which you don’t need.

    For the hard-core track & field athletes, ice baths cold therapy is what you need to effectively offset the damage done by high intensity training. Not only can ice bath reduces inflammations, and flushes waste from the muscles, it can also help reduces anxiety, and relief of pain in the body.

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