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Usain Bolt Ice Bath to reduce inflammation and Speed recover

  • During the men’s 100m heats in Moscow IAAF World Champs 2013, Usain Bolt stated that his legs are feeling a little tired; this didn’t stop him from taking gold in the men’s 100m in 9.77. In track and field, or most sports that place heavy workload on the muscles during anaerobic activities most athletes will develop inflammation within the muscles, or waste from lactic-acid build-up which can slow recovery; one way you can get rid of, or reduce these inflammation, and waste is to do an ice bath. Yohan Blake done it, Usain Bolt done it and if it works for them it should work for you.

    Below is a video taking from Usain Bolt’s Facebook page, he stated that he was celebrating his 200m victory in Moscow IAAF World Champs 2013; this is more than just celebrating, he’s simply speeding up recovery so he can be at his best for the men’s 4 X 100m relay the next day.  You can do an ice bath to speed recovery after an intensive day of exercise.

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